Juice Botox

Have you heard this saying before? You ARE what YOU eat!

In our stressed out environment we live in today and toxins in our food supply (GMO’s and pesticides), air, water, skincare products, etc. it is unavoidable to live clean.

There is a direct correlation between what you eat, how young you look and feel. This makes detoxing your body as important to your anti-aging efforts as it is to the health of your body. So, if you are absorbing toxins everyday…do you think it’s important to detox? Yes, absolutely!!!

What Is a Juice Botox?

A juice botox is my way of inspiring a natural way of keeping young. By juicing daily and cleansing at least every season, you allow your body to achieve cell renewal and feed your body the proper nutrients, especially chlorophyll.
If you are a meat eater, then it is very important to drink fresh juices, because our industrial farming feeds animals grains when they should be eating grass (aka chlorophyll) as nature intended. If you can, I highly encourage you to eat grass fed meats. Again, you are what you eat.

How Detoxing Helps You Look and Feel Younger

For a start, detoxing removes the toxins in your body that speed up aging. In addition, too many toxins in your body causes oxidation, damaging your cells, which in turn makes you age faster. Detoxing reduces the oxidation effect and allows your cells to function more efficiently, slowing the process of aging.
Drinking juices, however, is something you can do daily that will help. Off-the-shelf juices are not a good option because of the high sugar content. If you can make fresh juices daily that is best. There is one thing you should remember, however – don’t use too much fruit.

I like following the 90/10 rule – 90 percent of the ingredients in your juice should be vegetable and the other 10 percent fruit. Doing this gives you all the goodness of the vegetables while adding the natural sweetness that comes from fruit.

Try This Anti-Aging Juice Recipe

Here an anti-aging juice you can make today to get you started. It is packed with antioxidants and is great for your skin. Blend the following ingredients together:

• 4 carrots
• 1 beet
• 4 kale leaves
• 6 florets of broccoli (the fluffy bit at the top minus the stem)
• Small bunch of spinach
• Half a cup of blueberries
• Half a cup of strawberries

Again, it is almost impossible to avoid these toxins in the modern world, even if you live a healthy lifestyle. Finally, toxins make their way into your body via methods other than the food you eat and what you drink. Toxins can build up because of stress or imbalances in your hormones and adhere to your colon unless cleansed on a regular basis. In particular, juices can help clear toxins from your gut.

Benefits of Colon Hydro-Therapy

Colon irrigation is very important during your cleanse. The cleansing process is accelerated by colon hydro-therapy. Colonics are a safe effective way of softening and releasing waste that has accumulated into your colon. Colon cleaning will remove the toxins and waste that are loosened during the fast. Also, colon cleansing will eliminate cleansing reactions. You don’t want to be sick or have cleansing reaction headaches and cleaning your colon will eliminate those reactions. Compression of neighboring organs disappears or attenuates when volume reduces in the colon. Relaxing effect on organs above intestines such as the liver, heart, and lungs. Sensation of lightness may be experienced. Whether you start a special program or take steps yourself using your own diet, anti-aging detoxing will be beneficial to the way you feel and how young you look. A good way to get support during a detox is to join a retreat that has guidance and supports you through the process. When you are in a group, you tend to keep on track.

Vida Cleanse by Yesenia retreats are hosted at The Spring Resort & Spa and provides a program of yoga, colon hydro-therapy, spa, infrared sauna, massages, light hiking excursions and the best mineral spas in the world.

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