Vida Cleanse by Yesenia

Lose weight, Restore Your Glow,
Increase Energy, Detoxify Your
Body and Be Restored!

The Vida Cleanse is the only comprehensive, detox juice cleanse and yoga retreat in the southern California desert where you can enjoy the powerful, healing benefits of natural, mineral springs during your fast. Healing, mineral spring water is an important element during your cleanse fast retreat. 

Why Cleanse?

Cleansing is a great way to achieve many things.  For one, it can help you relieve stress in our body, mind, and spirit.   It also helps to balance us and free us from addictions.  It is a great way to heal from congestion, constipation, allergies, and most other diseases.  And yes, you will lose weight.  It can also increase our consciousness and spirituality.  Cleansing removes excess amounts of mucus, old fecal matter, trapped cellular and non-food waste.  Periodic cleansing helps purify the liver, kidneys and blood. It enhances mental clarity, inner peace, and increases energy.

Cleanse and Detox?  What do they mean?

Cleansing is the natural process of eliminating toxins and waste from your body.  In particular, toxic waste that has accumulated and is impacted in the large intestine. Detoxification is the powerful natural process that removes waste from your cells, organs and blood but when our bodies become so bogged down and toxic, we are no longer able to effectively detox naturally.  When you do a comprehensive cleanse, you jump start the natural detox process in your body. Only your body can detox your body!

At my Vida Cleanse, you will experience a complete cleanse.  You will lose weight and kick start your body to begin the powerful detox changes within your body and you will gain all the tools you need to keep your body’s detox process healthy and strong after you leave.

You will be guided and supported so that eliminating solid food for 6 days will be easy.  You will consume nourishing liquids, juice, teas with Purium Health Products. You will lose weight, experience a new found clarity and you will have the tools to change your life. When you leave my Vida Cleanse, you will be well on your way in the detox process. You will learn how to keep weight off and will have the emotional clarity and motivation to stay healthy!

What will my day be like during my Vida Cleanse?

Our retreats are designed so you are supported and guided based on your “own” pace and comfort level.  Since everyone’s health is at a different place, we suggest that you take from our schedule what feels best for YOU.

The retreats not only supply you with the fresh juices, broths and teas, supplements and 2 colonics, we also provide you nutritional guidance, energy workers, healers, light hiking and yoga practitioners so that you leave the retreat a healthier and more educated person on wellness.

Once you book a retreat, you are given a welcome letter with a detailed agenda and a packet of information will be sent to you a week prior to arrival that you can take with you to enable your success post cleanse.

Each day there is a scheduled hike, yoga or energy work practitioner…or you can just soak in our natural mineral spas, make a spa appointment and or just relax.  Again, we encourage everyone to go at their own speed.


You’ll be indulging in daily fresh organic juices packed with some of the most important antioxidants, Vitamin C and A and its concentration of beta-carotene.  Green Juice is power packed with nutrition.  Greens produce chlorophyll which oxygenates your blood.  YOU WILL NOT BE HUNGRY!  You’ll be ingesting Organic Purium Health Products such as probiotics, fiber, and electrolytes.  Hunger will not be an issue during your Vida Cleanse.  You will have a complete, easy to understand schedule and will consume something every hour. 

Body & Mind Work:

You will be participating in yoga classes, a low impact hike, relaxing forms of exercise for both mind and body. We will meet each day for an educational workshop such as meditation, Functional Nutrition class and with Dr. Needle ND administering B12/6 shots, not to mention our amazing Sound Bath in our mineral waters.  We’ll be finishing off each evening with a delicious potassium broth a Life Saver, which regulates your acid / base balance, aids in muscle contraction, and regulates the fluid balance.

Vida Cleanse Retreat includes: 

  • Accommodation
  • Fresh JuicesDaily
  • Magic mineral Broth (veggie base)
  • Purium Health Products
  • Shaker
  • 2 colonics
  • Detox teas
  • Liver Cleanse
  • Chlorophyll Drops
  • Mouth Kit
  • Journal
  • Yoga Classes M-F
  • Guided Hikes (Low Impact)
  • Meditation Class
  • Sound Bath w/ crystal bowls
  • Use of Healthful Equipment
  • Chi Machine
  • Vibra trim
  • Rebounder/Trampoline
  • Slant Board
  • Wellness shots B12/6
  • Private Eden Energy Session
  • Vida Cleanse Swag Bag with essential tools w/ Sage Bundle

Azure Palm Hot Springs

  • Amenities Open 247
  • Himalayan Salt room
  • Ice Room
  • 2 Finnish Sauna
  • Indoor/Outdoors pools
  • Desert Oasis 5 mineral pools
  • The largest mineral water pool in Southern California

Hands on 24/7 support


NOTE: We cannot accept individuals who are nursing or pregnant. Also, please remember your health is your own responsibility. If you have doubts or concerns about medications, pre-existing conditions or any issues with your current state of health, please consult your medical professional before beginning any cleansing program.