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Choose Your Spiritual Path

Yesenia's Vida Cleanse is a lifestyle that supports cleansing through retreats that offer a guided 5 Day juice fast, yoga, light hiking and colon hydro-therapy, energy work and much more for optimal health results. The retreats are designed to provide a relaxed, serene environment that you can go at your own pace.

Yoga & Fasting Retreats by Vida Cleanse


For 5,000 years, hardcore yoga practitioners have been touting yoga’s mental and physical powers.  Our yoga practitioners use ancient breathing, meditation and exercise techniques.
sound bath bowls


A sound bath is a gentle, but powerful vibration experience help shift your brain into a more relaxed and healing state.  Our sound baths are conducted in our mineral waters which enhances your experience.


Hiking in  nature helps quite the mind and provides an opportunity to unplug from the world.  Our natural preserves are majestic and light hiking is offered during our retreats.

Happy Customers

Long story short...this cleanse with Yesenia is Legit and to the point. I have encountered some great healers from this week retreat.  My colonics with Shelly were epic and this is coming from someone who has been there and done that with colon therapists...I needed this bountiful escape that wasn't too far from home but far enough to RESET my mind body and soul.  The juices are 100% organic and made with love.  The waters of desert hot springs are magical.   Super duper mineral and alkaline. It was amazing to be able to drink out of the faucet...like we should be able to right?!!!  Enough said...go get reset with Yesenia at VIDA CLEANSE. Hana C. 

Hana C.


"Thanks to the Vida cleanse and fast retreat for the love and knowledge they give to everyone! Yesenia Johnson you are the best! Couldn't get through it without you. see you next year."

K. Ritter


"Yesenia - Thank you truly from the bottom on my heart! You are amazing and a beautiful person. The program/service you provide is unique and valuable. My life is enriched from being a part of it. I feel the BEST I have in years!!! You and your staff are truly Angels. I was blessed, enriched and enlightened. See you soon."

Jeri F.


"I am forever changed from this week! Not only did it help me further implement tools I needed to heal, like meditation and yoga, as well as hiking… I also created friendships with other cleansers in the program that were instrumental in my growth and healing. I will forever recommend this program to everyone I know and meet and am so thankful for everyone who made it possible."



"Yesenia- You are phenomenal. Thank you ever so much for providing and giving me all the love and care that you put into this program and pour into us. Your spirit and soul are inspirational and to be cherished and treasured for life!! I look for to seeing you again blessings enjoy always with my love and prayers joyfully."



"From the minute I arrived, till the moment I (sadly) departed this amazing environment, I was treated with the utmost care by their professional, caring and fun team...Yesinia Johnson is a glorious guide...I cannot recommend her program enough!!"

Robert E.



“I had a GREAT time at Vida. From the minute I arrived, till the moment I (sadly) departed this amazing environment, I was treated with the utmost care by their professional, caring and fun team. We took sunny, picturesque hikes in the desert, rested in the sun and rejuvenated our bodies with the stellar products provided to us. And for those “worried” about a colonic (as I was), they are easier than expected and more beneficial than I could have imagined. Yesinia Johnson is a glorious guide…I cannot recommend her program enough!!!”

Robert E.