Mineral Springs

Coachella Valley was created with health and wellness in mind

It’s almost as if the oasis of Coachella Valley was created with health and wellness in mind. It’s only fitting to start your wellness getaway in the oasis with a salutation to the sun; after all, Coachella Valley enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine a year.

Visitors from all over come to visit, live and escape the cold and damp to heal in our dry heat.  Everywhere you look, the stunning mountains line the valley for everyone to see. You don’t need an ocean view to enjoy the beautiful views of our spiritual mountains surrounding our valley.  Throw in vast underground aquifers of natural mineral water for the ultimate spa experience, not to mention a bounty of local produce to keep the body nourished, and you have the ultimate destination for a health and wellness getaway.

The Coachella Valley naturally lends itself to outdoor exploration, with enviable weather and an abundance of natural wonders. Take advantage of the cool morning temperatures and immerse yourself in the beauty of the desert with a hike to a natural palm oasis. Feel time stand still as your body reconnects with Mother Earth while you explore the tranquil trails of the Indian Canyons or Coachella Valley Preserve.

Even more challenging hikes await in Joshua Tree National Park and the slot canyons of Mecca, where breathtaking views are well worth the trek.

As the sun disappears to recharge for the night, take time to recharge your own body with a trip up to Landers, just outside of Joshua Tree. It’s said that this area is a magnetic vortex, and here, you’ll be able to recharge your energy as you soak in a sound bath at the Integratron. Let the stress and worry of everyday living melt away as you immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of quartz crystal singing bowls, an experience known as a sonic healing session. The bowls each work on a separate chakra of the body, leaving you feeling wholly balanced and energized.

Stay longer after you retreat and keep nourishing your body through healthy restaurants throughout the valley.

If you have ever been to visit Desert Hot Springs, it sits on the best mineral spas aquifers in the world and it is known for its healing vortexes.   Joshua Tree is where spiritualists and musicians have traveled for the last 50 years to escape the busy urban life.

In short, the Coachella Valley is a perfect getaway destination with plenty of amenities to offer a trans formative vacation.

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