You are probably thinking about the holidays and change of weather. It’s always heartwarming to think of family meals and get togethers. But there is also a lot of stress getting ready for the holidays, with shopping, parties, commitments, traveling and everything in between.

So, as you prepare for the change of season, a balance and a sound mind are important armor to help you get a jump on the holidays, or prepare yourself in advance for the new year. Now is the perfect time to focus on achieving the happiest, healthiest you as YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH!


  1. The change of season is an ideal time to cleanse during the change of season for optimal health.
  2. Taking time for yourself helps create perspective because it breaks the “groove” of everyday life and opens your mind to bring in new ideas and bring inner peace.
  3. Juicing provides an internal cleaning and buids your immune system to ward off the colds and flu. According to Ayurveda, Fall is ruled by Vata, or the air element. A sometimes turbulent and colder, drier season when we, too, feel the need to reflect slow down, cleanse or make changes.
  4. Juicing is like a facial botox. Cleansing helps generate new cells and descreases facial lines and age spots.
  5. Cleansing gives you more energy and vibrancy to take on the stress of the holidays.
  6. A retreat is a great time to start writing out your goals for next year and reflecting on this year. So you can “lean in” for the holidays with a strong mind, clean body and healthy outlook.
  7. Consider a retreat as the ultimate self-care present to yourself.
Yoga & Fasting retreats

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Hope to see you soon!

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