10 Tips to Manage Stress

At the time we are living in right now with stress factors, it’s important to maintain your sanity, stress and health.  You can always look at it with a positive perspective…all this time that you have been complaining you didn’t have before.  Now you can pick up that project that you have been procrastinating for years.

Here is a great playbook from California.gov on managing stress during the COVID-19 coronovirus pandemic:  Read here.

In this regard, psycho-logical or emotional stress is the body’s reaction to how we think and feel. There’s a small organ in our midbrain called the amygdala which stores all the minute details of our experiences and it’s there to protect us.

Therefore, when we experience or think about something that may have had a negative response such as losing your job or being in danger this is commonly known as fight or flight mode. It’s designed to be short term.

As it relates to high blood pressure which can damage tissue in the kidneys, eyes, blood vessels or nerves and can eventually lead to pre diabetes.

In other words, physio-logical Stress is our body’s response to our environment. It depletes the body from vital nutrients and can cause symptoms such as depression, anxiety, food sensitivities. Either way, stress is often a root cause of disease.

Here are my top 10 recommendations for helping to manage stress:

  1. Journal or write a poem – both are great for help with clearing negative thoughts from your mind, which will help you feel better and problem solve more effectively.
  2. Take an Epsom salt bath – lots of nutrients, especially magnesium which will relax you and relieve stress.
  3. Listen to music – Put yourself in a different frame of mind.
  4. Exercise – increase endorphins, either Yoga, walk around the neighborhood, biking, etc.
  5. Weed a garden – changing your physical surroundings and being outside in nature.
  6. Paint – use your artistic capabilities.
  7. Do a puzzle – Help you focus on something else.
  8. You may have always wanted to do a cleanse and never had the time during your busy schedule.  Click here for my juicing tips.
  9. Meditation – Helps train the brain and body. Turns off the stress response and helps to promote relaxation. are always great for stress relief!  Click here for my meditation tips.
  10. Call or write a family or friend — connect with phone or Zoom, or Facebook Video calls. 

Our mind, body, emotions and behavior are all connected.

Stay healthy and happy!


Yesenia Johnson


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