Vida Cleanse is an opportunity to heal, learn and transform through juicing and fasting. My mission is to help you cleanse your body at the cellular level, utilizing colon hydrotherapy, massage, yoga, nutrition, meditating, hiking and sauna sessions while soaking in naturally detoxifying mineral pools. Your detoxified body will do what it is designed to do best – HEAL ITSELF!


By removing the toxins from your digestive system it can lead to weight loss, better digestion, increased energy, and clearer thinking.


Detoxification removes waste from your cells, organs and blood, thereby boosting your energy and enhancing your immune system.


Our natural mineral springs help to eliminate toxins, promote healthy skin, decrease inflammation and can help the lymphatic system.


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Metabolism 0
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``My personal experience with various cleansing techniques and addressing nutritional deficiencies was life changing, thus creating a passion for educating others about holistic wellness, nutrition, and the importance of cleansing.``

Growing up in a traditional family we tended not to rely on medicine for wellness, rather, healthy eating and activity.  In 2002, my maternal grandmother was diagnosed with stomach cancer then passed a couple of years later, and in 2008 my paternal aunt, who was a renowned vibrant Mariachi singer, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed eight months later. I soon realized my genetic disposition to cancer was far greater than I thought. Witnessing both my grandmother and aunt lose their battle with cancer opened my eyes to what I want for my son’s health as well as my own my eating habits and overall lifestyle.

I started in the wellness industry and am a certified massage therapist, certified colon-hydrotherapist, Esthetician and self proclaimed juiceologist.

I have come to understand the importance of detoxifying the body and how toxic even the most simple life choices can be to our overall health. The anatomy and physiology of our bodies became much more alive to me and as I learned how our digestive system works this knowledge led to the creation of the Vida Cleanse retreats.  I have been conducting retreats for the last 10 years in the Palm Springs area.


We work with the best holistic workers, healers and practitioners in the valley to optimize your experience during your retreat.


Jen Jivani


Jen considers Yoga a path for life, and believes in its transformational powers on and off the mat.


April Williams

Energy Master

April uses energy work to assesses and correct imbalances in subtle energies of the body, mind, and spirit.


Dr. Jessica Needle

Natural Path

Jessica is a state-licensed naturopathic doctor at Optimal Health Center and administers the B-12 shots. 760-568-2598


Diane Guillory


Diane is a Functional Nutritionist that supports the gut through individual needs. 760-296-7126


Melinda Hess

Yoga and Meditation

Melinda is a clairvoyant reader and healer with diverse talents and an equally diverse background.


Neysa Griffith

Yoga and Meditation

Neysa is an accomplished artist, healer, author and alchemist and offers yoga and meditation classes.


Matt & Julia Briest

Sound Healers

Matt and Julia, also known as the Compassion Sound Healers, artists and massage therapists. 248-224-9684



I am forever changed from this week! Not only did it help me further implement tools I needed to heal, like meditation and yoga, as well as hiking… I also created friendships with other cleansers in the program that were instrumental in my growth and healing. I will forever recommend this program to everyone I know and meet and am so thankful for everyone who made it possible.



Yesenia- You are phenomenal. Thank you ever so much for providing and giving me all the love and care that you put into this program and pour into us. Your spirit and soul are inspirational and to be cherished and treasured for life!! I look for to seeing you again blessings enjoy always with my love and prayers joyfully.



"From the minute I arrived, till the moment I (sadly) departed this amazing environment, I was treated with the utmost care by their professional, caring and fun team...Yesinia Johnson is a glorious guide...I cannot recommend her program enough!!"

Robert E.